• HW and the elementary evolutionary operator

lecture 1 (lecture1)

simulation1 (lec11)

  • Evolutionary operator of the population.Two level populations.One-locus multiallele systems. Selection against recessive lethal gene and selection in case Thalassemia. General selection equations

lecture 2 (lecture2)

simulation1 (letal)

simulation2 (talas)

  • Equilibria points and trajectories.Mean fitness calculation and dynamics.

lecture 3 (lecture3)

simulation1 (mean-f)

simulation2 (ABO)

  • Summary of one-locus fitness models.Types of selection in nature.Fitness coefficients.Cyclical environment.Interaction between species.

lecture 4 (lecture4)

simulation1 (mnuopt1)

simulation2 (mnuopt2)

simulation4 (mnuopt3)

  • Fertility selection.Frequency depended selection.Deterministic chaos.

lecture 5 (lecture5)

simulation1 (fertil-cicle)

simulation2 (chaos-freq)

simulation3 (feigenbaum)

simulation4 (fractal)

  • Finite population.

lecture 6 (lecture6)

simulation1 (determ-chaos-distributions)

simulation2 (finite-traject)

  • Free populations: Two-locus systems, recombination, measure of disequilibria, equlibrium points. Multilocus multiallele population,linkage distribution,polyploids systems.

lecture 7 (lecture7)

simulation1 (free-pop)

  • Two-locus selection-make the first move.One-locus selection and one locus free population from two-locus system with one selected and one neutral locus.Genetic Hitchhiking. One-locus selection from two-locus selection.Epistatic selection.

lecture 8 (lecture8)