1. Personal details


Valery M. Kirzhner

Place of Birth:


Home Address:

str. Rabbi Akiva 15a, Haifa, Israel tel.(04) 8-672-393

Office Address:

Institute of Evolution,

Mount Carmel, Haifa 31905, Israel

tel. (972-4)- 8-240-449 Fax: (04)-246-554

2. Higher education

1974 - PhD in Mathematics,Mathematical Institute,USSR Acad.Sci.(Leningrad),
field of study - dynamics of multilocus genetics systems (supervisor - prof. Yu.I. Lyubich).
1961-1966 - M.Sc. in Mathematics, Department of Mathematics and
Mechanics, University of Kharkov, USSR.

3. Profession experience and positions

Oct 1991 -till to date: Associate Prof,
inst. of Evolution, Univ. of Haifa.
1969 - 1991: Senior Res. Associate, Institute of Physics
and Engineering, Ukrainian Acad. of Sci., Kharkov.

4. Research interests

Population genetics, analysis of molecular genetic sequences, modeling complex biological systems, discrete mathematics.

5. Teaching

  • Ms. Anna Rindin has finished her PhD studies under the supervision of Dr. Kirzhner (together with Prof. G. Moran and Prof A. Wainstein from Department of Mathematics) and got her PhD degree in mathematics in 2002. The title of her thesis is "Some problems of multilocus population dynamics”
  • Ms. Maya Gershberg finished her MSc studies in mathematics under supervision of Dr. Kirzhner in 2005 (together with Prof A. Wainstein from Department of Mathematics). Her project will be focused on the problems of "Research and analysis of characteristics of signal overlapping in degenerated codes with application to DNA coding.".
  • Semester A in 2002, 2003,2004 and 2005 the course "Dynamical systems in population genetics" for the graduate students of the Evolutionary Biology Department.

Co-supervisor in next PhD studies:

  • Sidorenko T.S. Role of the hypothalamus in realization of somato-vegetative reactions. Institute of normal physiology, Moscow, 1979.
  • Lapshina L.A. Adaptive bioregulation and its therapeutic opportunities. Kharkov, 1983.
  • Grishenko O.I. Condition of the origin potentials at patients with infringements of brain blood circulation. Kharkov, 1984.
  • Katalevskaya L.G.Features of stress according to the correlation analysis. Kharkov, 1984.
  • Vainer V.G. Optimization methods at restoration of networks of chemical manufactures. Tallin, 1984.
  • Garbusova S.N.Neocortex formation of the mechanism of dependence on smoking. Kharkov Univ. 1986.
  • Yudina L.V. Automation of synthesis of complex technological systems. Kharkov, 1988.
  • Hvisuk V.V. Method of adaptive bioregulation at the raised pressure, Kharkov, 1989.
  • Alekseeva E.I. Stability of the same connected dynamic systems in some models of mathematical biophysics. MGU, 1989.